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2015 Riefler Digital Application
This is a digital form of the 2015 Riefler Enablement Fund Application. Please note the program you use to fill out the form may not permit saving the document. Therefore, you should fill it out and send it in the same session. A send button is located at the end of the application.
  20 Jul 2014
Advertisement Form for Appreciation Dinner
Advertisement Form for the 2014 Annual Appreciation Dinner
 28 Feb 2014
2014 Appreciation Dinner Nomination Form
Nomination form for the 2014 Annual Appreciation to be held Thursday May 8, 2014 at Salvator's Italian Gardens.
 28 Feb 2014
2014 Appreciation Dinner Tickets
Ticket order form for 2014 Annual Appreciation Dinner held May 8, 2014 at Salvatore's Italian Gardens
  27 Feb 2014
2014 Congregation Membership Form
2014 congregational membership form for Network of Religious Communities
 02 Jan 2014
2014 Denominational membership
2014 Denominational Membership form for Network of Religious Communities.
 02 Jan 2014
Network Membership Application 2005
Network of Religious Communities Application Form for Congregations, Religious Organizations and individuals. For additional information call 716-882-4793
  10 Jun 2005